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-- ABOUT --

Quinn J. Chevalier

I graduated law school in 2007 from Western Michigan University in Lansing, Mich.  


I'm admitted to practice law in: 


- all state courts in California; 
- the United States District Courts for the Eastern, Northern, and Central Districts of California; and
- the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals


These are some of the principles that guide me:​

* Customer service matters *
This business is as much about customer service and relationships as it is about practicing law.

* We're all unique * 
What you need might be similar to what someone else needs, but it won’t be identical.  I will respect that every time we interact.

* Be affordable *  
I want to earn a good living for my family, but not at the expense of your right to do the same.  That's why I am fully upfront about my fees and I offer affordable alternatives to the traditional hourly rate, such as my unique Prepaid Plan (more on that

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