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Client: Phoenix C.

Date: March 14, 2019

Quinn is quick to respond, extremely knowledgeable, very kind, patient! He contacted me right away and he was very smart. He gave me a lot of free information and I couldn't thank him more! I had a lot of questions for my accountant but she asked me to find a lawyer to ask business laws and questions. He is amazing! ^_^ Thank you so much Quinn! 5 stars all the way for his excellent communication. I would definitely contact him again!

Client: Richard Finn

Date: February 7, 2019

Quinn is a tremendous attorney, and a wonderful person. (You don’t always find those two qualities in the same individual.) He is always on time with his commitments , his cost is competitive, and he does excellent work. I have referred a couple of my clients to him for trust work and he has handled them with the utmost care and respect, and they were very happy with his service. Quinn has a pragmatic approach to law and doesn't over complicate things unnecessarily. Even so, he is very capable of handling complex estate and business issues. I will continue to refer my clients to him when they need legal documents or representation for business or have personal estate issues. Quinn will always be my first choice for a client referral.

Client: Maly Y.

Date: August 8, 2018

This is the "Goliath"!  The best lawyer you'll ever need when doing business.  He's helped us thru a legal business battle.  When big chain business bullies with small businesses, call Quinn Chevalier the only lawyer you'll need to get the job done!

Client: Kristoffer G.

Date: August 8, 2018

We had a dispute with our landlord.  We signed an agreement that wasn't exactly in our favor.  Quinn provided excellent advice and masterfully argued in our case.  I believe we owe the survival of our business to Quinn.

Client: Rebekah R.

Date: March 28, 2018

Quinn has an approach as an attorney that is very refreshing. He actually wants to focus on building a relationship with you so that he can provide you exactly the advice you need and his fees are very reasonable. I hired him to update our family trust and it was completely quick and painless with no pressure to do more.

Client: Davina J.

Date: February 24, 2018

I had first contacted the Chevalier Law Firm in November 2017 for an issue when we were wrongfully banned from use of a property we own a share in.  There were 5 of us total that were included in the situation that was happening, but to make it less confusing I had handled almost all communication when it came to the attorney.  When I reached out to Quinn Chevalier I was highly impressed at the way he approached the issue we were having. He listened thoroughly, was very knowledgeable about the laws associated with our case, and was always available to answer questions during the process no matter the time of day. He also even was able to set up a meeting with us at my home since the 5 of us all lived in various areas hours away, so meeting at my home worked great because we were all able to get together and prepare together at a time and place convenient for us. He was also very honest with us about every question we had.  In our case he was able to prepare us to properly resolve the issue without ever having to go to court. He handled all communications on our behalf with the other persons involved and always sent us copies of everything so we were in the know during the entire process. His rates were also more than reasonable and he helped us resolve our situation with as little out of pocket costs as he could. We were able to ask questions and get answers during the process without having to be charged a new fee every time I sent an email. This was the first time I have ever seen a lawyer go above and beyond for his clients and treated us all like we mattered and we were not just another case.  I would without a doubt use him again if I ever needed in the future.  I also would not hesitate to recommend him to someone who was looking for help.